Six people blur the line between the enormity of contemporary concerns and their intimate circumstances. Through humour, discourse, or tears, they lay out their personal encounters with sexuality, religion, depression, relationships, and more, in pursuit of a representation of present day’s society; a community of individuals, with lives far more intricate than we are led to believe. With music by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk accompanying the written pieces, Shared Spaces aims to establish fresh, member-created productions as a stable part of Ateneo Blue Repertory's repertoire.


For ten years now, Stages of Love has been performed by blueREP, and has been tugging at the heartstrings of the bitter, the sawi, the hopeless and hopeful romantics. It shows classic stories of getting over a breakup, of unrequited love, among others. Thanks to the Artistic Team, Stages of Love has been a huge success. Here's how they worked together to make the musical what it is: a story of being in love and falling in love and everything in between.


On its 10th year anniversary, Stages of Love hits the theater scene once again!


Last February 13, members of the Ateneo Blue Repertory performed a song from High School Musical during Kythe Ateneo’s Kythe Flying held at the Bellarmine Field inside campus.


Ateneo Blue Repertory presents its 24th Season Premiere, BREAKUPS & BREAKDOWNS, an original Filipino musical by Joel Trinidad and Rony Fortich. It is a story of an unexpected (re)meeting of four people that leads to hilarity and a gratuitous amount of awkward moments, as well as finding love, and losing it.


Despite the four-month furlough brought about by the shift in the Ateneo academic calendar, blueREP was teeming with performances both in and out of campus last summer. The organization was set to participate in three major gigs: a collaboration with makeup giant NARS, a sneak peek for the Ateneo freshmen at Orsem 2015: Lundag, and a themed performance for the fantasy-inspired California Ice Cream Wonderland.


For many years, the Ateneo Blue Repertory has been actively staging a broad range of musical productions, while maintaining a vibrant community for performers and theatre lovers alike to put their passion into work. It was decided only recently that the next step towards making art and music more available to people was to go online— you are currently viewing that next step at this very moment!